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Silk Button Up Shirt Sizing


 **All measurements in circumference (inches)

1" = 2.54 cm (Metric sizing)

Nature is our muse, color is our love language

Hemlōya (pronounced hem-lo-ya) is a play on the word Himalaya.

At Hemloya, our vision is to create clothing that brings a sense of happiness and connection to the natural world.

When you wear one of our pieces, you're truly wearing a piece of art, that embodies the essence of mother nature.


I'm Samiha,

I'm a Seattle based artist and textile designer, and the human behind Hemlōya. I'm enamored by all things nature. I'm the happiest when I'm painting or planting!

I'm passionate about crafting stories through my art. I draw my inspirations from nature, folklore, bright colors and extraordinary places.

I'm first generation Bengali American. I was born and raised in Bangladesh. I left home for America when I was 22 with just two suitcases and dreams of becoming an Architect. I graduated from Architecture school, worked really hard and had wonderful career in Architecture.

But something was missing..

Although I had an exciting career, I was seeking a deeper meaning and purpose. My job paid the bills, but I was burnt out of working a 9-5 behind a desk and had very little time to nurture my creativity. I wanted to express myself more creatively through my art and clothing.

So in 2020 with zero experience and education in business I took a leap of faith and taught myself everything I could about textile design, fashion, and how to build a creative business I'm truly passionate about. As the brand grew, I remained committed to my original vision: to create clothing that brings people a sense of joy and connection to nature.

I hope you find something at Hemloya that sparks joy and ignites your childlike curiosity.