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Behind the Print: Capturing the Boldness of Seattle's Starlings

Behind the Print: Capturing the Boldness of Seattle's Starlings

If you've ever been to Seattle, chances are you've seen a starling. These little birds are everywhere, with their distinctive features and striking presence. And for me, they were a source of inspiration that I just couldn't ignore. I've always loved painting birds, and the starlings I saw around Seattle captivated my imagination. So, I decided to paint them digitally, using my tablet and stylus to bring these little birds to life on my screen.

As I painted, I found myself drawn to the starlings' bold and striking features. Their unique patterns and sharp silhouettes were especially captivating, and I experimented with different textures and brushstrokes to bring out the contrast in my black and white painting.

But I didn't want to simply paint these birds as they appeared in real life. I wanted to create something more evocative and dramatic, something that would capture the essence of these birds in a new and exciting way. I decided to paint them in a more graphic style, emphasizing their sharp lines and dynamic poses. Drawing inspiration from traditional ink drawings and graphic novels, I let my imagination run wild as I created these little starlings.

I painted them with bold, sweeping strokes, using a silhouette style to create depth and dimension in my black and white palette. And as I worked, I felt a sense of excitement and energy that I hadn't felt in a long time. I'm challenging myself to loosen up a bit and have more fun. I think it's helping me evolve my style because I tend to get overly detailed in all my work. I've decided to incorporate this design into my upcoming textile prints for a fall collection (maybe even late summer collection) that will feature these captivating creatures in all their boldness.

By adding my own artistic style to these starlings, I hope to create unique and memorable textile prints that capture the beauty and energy of these captivating birds. Now, every time I see a starling flitting about in the trees, I feel happy knowing that I've captured just a little bit of their magic on my screen, and into wearable art pieces that people love.

You can check out more of my process of my behind the scenes process on my Youtube channel or Instagram. Now that you know the story behind our bestselling print, you can grab this statement button up shirt!  


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